J.L.C is a not for profit
Christian organization

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you will find the information you need. We believe that God loves mankind and sent His son Jesus to die for us. No human being is beyond the grace and love of God. We are passionate about sharing Jesus with the world and reconciling God's people back to Him. We welcome all who hold this belief as brothers and sisters in the Lord and invite you to partner and volunteer with us at the Jesus Is Lord Crusades ground. We will be in a city near you.

We are committed to sharing the love and goodness of God our heavenly father with everyone through small and medium size “wellness” crusades held around the world.

Our crusades are aimed at meeting the spiritual and physical needs of participants and are held in conjunction with Christ centered churches in the crusade vicinity. Our crusades serve as a platform for people to give their lives to Christ and we help to empower them by entrusting them in the hands of our partnering churches for nurturing and growth.

On our crusades sites, you will find alongside the gospel ministration, health professionals, spiritual advisers and food vendors, who will offer free counseling and meals to all our guests.

Our goal is to use the love and goodness of people in Christ and of Christ to win souls into his kingdom. We are committed to not just preaching the word but clothing; feeding, healing and empowering all that come our way. We believe that our faith must be accompanied by the goodness of our heart and of God.

We look forward to seeing you.

This is not just a Conference; it is a meeting ground with Jesus.

You will leave this conference on fire, equipped and transformed to share Jesus in your own little corner. This Conference is for Believers who are struggling to share their faith and are in need of tools and strategies to assist them in doing so effectively.

Again we welcome all who are doing well in sharing the good news to come and sharpen their skills. We believe in the Lord to deal with the root cause of the strongholds that are holding many Christians back from sharing the good news.

Get ready to come and experience the Lord’s supernatural visitation. You will be moved to worship in His presence like never before and equipped to continue beyond. Heart of Jesus is a free event, we thank you for visiting and for all upcoming event notices please leave your contact information.